In the words of Tony Montana, folks, say hello to my little friend. Say hello to Visme, the versatile answer to any content designer’s troubles. If you are here, you are either thinking about, or have already decided to actively join the online universe, take the game to “them” instead of sitting on the bench and waiting for the game to come to you. A game with 5 billion potential players (users), spread across 2 billion fields (websites). 3.1 billion of them are also on social media platforms, 600 million run individual blogs and between 12 and 24 million run retail ecommerce websites whose estimated profit is in the neighborhood of 5 trillion dollars. So this is where you will be trying to create your own little corner, your blog, your niche, your e-commerce site, or whatever it is you’ve set your eyes on.

And how does it start? Well, obviously, it all starts with an idea. Which you probably have, or you wouldn’t be digging for ways to bring it into life. Then come the means, the tools. Be it a blog, YouTube channel, ecommerce site, you name it, you will have to drive its content up there, in line with the “big boys and girls”.  Make it appealing, make it look professional, set yourself apart from the other players out there.

Obviously, not everybody who plunges in the online world is a graphic designer, a PR pro, a web designer, or any one of the professions that gives them an edge over their counterparts. Luckily, for that kind of people, the technology keeps in line with the ever-growing content universe and those who want to get in the game.
There are numerous offers which make your life easier, from website hosting that gives you free templates, to all kinds of software and online services which enable you to create literally any kind of content.
The problem is choice. How to enter a new world and act like you already own it. How to create “wow” e-content instead of childish looking webpages, e-books or any other content when you have no background in e-content creation, web design, or master any suitable specialty. How to impress your visitors when all you have to go from is your idea? How to inspire “love at first sight” and drive them to come back over and over? Is there a “one size fits all” tool regardless if it’s social media, a blog page, an e-commerce site, a YouTube clip or even an e-book?  No worries, we’ve got you covered.

After sifting through dozens and dozens of ads, banners, search results and plain old recommendations, one that stood out was… Visme. Created by a team of designers, engineers and content creators, its self-proclaimed aim is to allow everyone to create beautiful content with no design experience and minimal effort.

In other words, no matter if you’re a pro, or someone who couldn’t draw a straight line if their lives depended on it, this is pretty much the tool to go to. The perfect content creation tool for any kind of user level.
Visme is a very easy to use content creator kit, even for someone with no graphic experience or technical background. It comes with a very intuitive interface and, best of all, with a ton of preloaded features and object galleries. The template library is through the roof. You can make anything you like. Graphs, charts, printable results, publish materials. You can combine infographics with hot spots, links and embeds, make it interactive, take it to a whole different level. And then there’s the animation tool, if you really want to bring your work to life.

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With its intuitive interface, you may choose to learn to use it on your own, play around, or you can take advantage of the extensive tutorials they provide. Their CS team, webinars, and tutorials are there to help you if you need support.

They offer four different plans, starting with a free one, which might be right up your alley if you are just learning the ropes. As you progress, and the results start to pay off, you might want to consider moving up to their paid plans, which unlock more of the features as you go along. The rates are also very decent, especially if you consider the return on investment. On top of the already good prices, they also offer substantial discounts to educators, students, and non-profits. Plus, you might run into some offers on testing their premium features for some time for free. You can find the details here.

Bottom line: regardless if you’re an advanced content creator, looking for the Swiss knife of design and publishing that will add to your content validity or just entering the world of content creation and need a free space to develop your skills and become a pro in no time with some help in the process, Visme is, in our opinion, the place to go to.